Superannuation advice

Having a smart plan for your super starts with making sure it’s in the right fund.


Whether you’re single, in a relationship, have a large family, employed, or running your own business, we can provide you with advice that’s relevant.


If you need advice on super Astute Capital Management can help you consolidate your super, reduce your fees and make sure it’s with a fund you can trust.


We’re also immersed on the trickier super topics too. Like how to pick and choose the portfolios and assets you invest in, or maybe how to approach creating a self managed super fund.


It’s important to choose an investment strategy that suits not only your personal objectives, but also your risk appetite.


Retail funds:   Accumulation funds that give access to a range of investments including wholesale managed funds and ASX listed shares.


Industry funds:   Tailored services to members of a specific industry.


Self managed funds:   To get started we help you choose the investment options best suited to your situation and financial goals.

Tax planning

Have you considered the tax implications of your investments?


If you haven’t you could be missing out on money in your pocket.


If an investment is ‘tax-effective’ you end up paying less tax than you would on another investment with a similar return and risk.


While lower tax can help your savings grow faster, you should never base an investment decision on tax benefits alone. But it’s an important consideration.

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

To live the life you really want you need a wealth management and accumulation strategy to help manage your cash flow.


Planning means you can know your limits and stop worrying about booking that restaurant for dinner or your next holiday.


Astute Capital Management can give you the flexible tools to alleviate the stress that comes with managing day-to-day expenses and help you plan for future wealth.


Once you have a clear vision in mind, you need diversified investment strategies to achieve your financial goals.


We help by simplifying budgeting, taxation, wealth and asset protection. Our preferred outcome is for you to have a financially secure retirement. Simple.

Personal Insurances

It’s really important to protect what matters most. And to do that you need cover you can count on.


Without a strategic approach to managing the risk of serious illness or death, even the best financial plan can unravel. Don’t just assume your super fund has the right amount of cover.
Astute Capital Management can structure your personal and business insurance to make sure that you’re covered no matter what kind of curve balls life throws at you.

Investment portfolios

Stocks, bonds, commodities and rental properties. Buy? Sell? Invest?


The options are endless and often confusing.


You want to know what you should invest in and you want a portfolio that grows sustainably. You need risks to be managed and you want cash flow to be positive.


By building a diversified and actively managed portfolio we reduce volatility in your portfolio.


Unlike many other financial advisors Astute Capital Management review portfolios regularly and proactively.


The world is an uncertain and dynamic environment so we don’t rest. Our proactive approach to pick up the phone and talk, removes much of the pressure on you.


At Astute you’re in safe hands.

Estate & legacy planning

Preserving wealth from one generation to the next can be complex, time-consuming and full of emotional potholes.


Our focus is to remove any of your stress by giving you clear direction and making sure your financial wealth is shared with your family, friends or even charitable organisations that you may choose.
By articulating your goals, we ensure that your financial strategy reflects your estate planning needs, and help navigate the often complex estate planning landscape.

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